Top 5 Benefits of Smog

19 Jan

I made a resolution to stay positive in 2012, so every morning I look outside my window and say: Hello, world! Look at you!

The pollution index was 461 this morning, which is about what it has been for several days now. But that’s still 39 points BETTER than 500, which is where the chart and therefore pollution ends, so, yay! It’s not the worst!

In the spirit of my resolution I’d like to introduce my

Top 5 Benefits to Smog:

1. There is no risk of getting burnt or blinded by the sun.

2. It traps in the heat, and makes what should be a bitterly cold day smoggy-toasty

3. It makes smaller forms of pollution seem like not even a big deal.

4. It slows down traffic, so cars aren’t going as fast when they hit you.


5. It makes smokers feel better about their life choices

One Response to “Top 5 Benefits of Smog”

  1. Zdawg November 1, 2013 at 5:07 pm #

    This made me laugh. Thank you.

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